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Settings Farmasi News: a guide for Beauty Influencers


The dashboard gives you a helicopter view of your store. It shows you, your performance report in a given span of time, countries that have maximum customers for your products, total commission earned, orders that have pending shipping, the sales report for each product, products created statuses, customer reviews, and queries – all in the form of widgets. Learn more what each widget does with our detailed widget documentation.

Reference 1: Dashboard

Store Settings


Here you can set the very basic settings for your store.

  1. Start with uploading a Cover Picture for your store that will show up as a banner image on your store description section.
  2. Upload Profile Picture or store image that will show up as a store logo in your store description section.
  3. Add/ Edit your store name from the respective section.
  4. Vendor slug is normally automatically generated taking your store name into consideration although you can still change it from this section.
  5. Store Description that is added here also shows up on your shop page.
  6. Message to Buyers adds a message at checkout when a customer buys any of your products.
  7. Phone number shows up in the Store Description section of your store.
  8. Email is pre-filled from the time, you’ve registered on the site and cannot be changed.
  9. Add in your Address in the respective field.
  10. Select the Timezone, your store is in so that all the dates or time that you see on your dashboard is adjusted according to your timezone.
  11. Set your Store Location which is displayed in your shop and is a help to your customers to locate your store.
  12. Add your social media profile links in the respective fields and these shall also show up on your store.


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